About m+


こうして2001年、村上雄一郎の革製品ブランド m+[エムピウ]が誕生しました。
村上の m にプラスをつけたのは「作り手+誰か」によって、ものが完成するから。年月を重ねて、m+のアイテムは広がりましたが、ブランド名にこめた思いは変わりません。


As I walked along, the coins in my pocket jangled noisily with every step.
I wondered if there was a way to carry them more comfortably.
Perhaps wrap them in a soft piece of leather.
In a case that is easy to retrieve coins from.
Something that you become more and more attached to, with every use. If only something like this existed…

It was based on this sentiment that Yuichiro Murakami first created the m+ brand in 2001.
The m represents Murakami, and the plus was added to convey the idea that an object is completed through the partnership of “its maker + somebody else.”
Over the years, m+ items have evolved and expanded, but the concept behind the brand name remains unchanged.

m+ leather products are created through the following three factors: naturally-cultivated leather, trusted craftsmen, and our relationships with each and every customer.